Strengths Profile (R2)

R2-modelStrengths Profile (formerly R2/Realise2) is a Second Generation Strengths Assessment which assesses a large number of strengths according to energy, performance and use (see brochure). The framework enables people to see their strengths and weaknesses in meaningful and forward-looking detail, and provides action planning tools to activate and maximise the contribution of their strengths, while minimising the impact of their weaknesses. (For the academically oriented, a list peer-reviewed studies highlighting the success of strengths-based approaches is provided here.)  Strengths Partners currently enjoying the benefits of using strengths with CAPP to develop their people include the BBC, HSBC, Google, PWC, Standard Chartered and Boehringer Ingelheim.  Tom is is an accredited Strengths Profile Individual & Team Practitioner.

Sample reports:

Application of the Model

The Model

Source: Capp & Co Ltd

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