Client testimonials

“I have experienced first hand Tom’s rare ability to work at a deep level to help me improve my performance.  Tom brings a creative approach to his coaching…. his decades of commercial experience also ensure that he understands the challenges of working in a corporate setting.”

Allan Watkinson, Principal, The Gallup Organisation

“I had the great pleasure of working with Tom Loncar over the past year.  Tom is a great listener, thoughtful and generous in his approach but very focused in providing specific ideas and approaches to improve professional possibilities in tangible ways. He encouraged me to think differently on several occasions to how I could resolve specific issues I was facing. Importantly he really encouraged me to seek ways that have brought considerable success for me in several areas in the past 12 months. It was my first experience of being coached and it was a good one. Importantly he gave me strength to be confident in being my authentic self as a leader.”

Dr Caroline Butler-Bowdon, Director Strategy and Engagement, Sydney Living Museums

“Tom has been my Executive Coach for the past 6 months. I feel privileged to have had this opportunity as I think I have grown as a person not only professionally but personally. Tom is easy to connect with and asks thought provoking questions that allow you to reflect and commit to goals to better yourself.”

Lisa Avramis, Principal Product Manager, Service NSW

“After each session with Tom, including the three-way conversations, I felt confident to try new approaches at work and journalled the insights gained. I feel relaxed, have greater role clarity and Tom has boosted my capacity to learn and think about the leader I want to become and what else I need to do well in my role . Thank you for your coaching approach , which is genuine in style, subtle, encourages curiosity, courage and conviction. I feel strengthened and connected to my values and sense of self, personally and professionally.”

Amanda Middleton, Executive Officer, ANSTO

“As my executive coach over a number of months in 2019 Tom helped me really open up and take ownership of my opportunities and challenges. In his calm manner and with his probing questions and insights he challenged me to rethink where I wanted my career to go based on what my likes and strengths were and what gave me energy. Tom tries to make you take ownership of your situation which can be confronting because it is easier to keep doing what you always have, but if you really want to be happy you need to go there, and Tom has the experience and approach to guide you in that discussion.”

Rajiv Ram, IT Executive

“During a time when I was managing a rapidly growing Sydney consultancy, Tom’s psychological framework approach to coaching helped me to think through the different challenges, realise the opportunities and put them into practice. It was a valuable experience that facilitated and enhanced the cohesion of the office.”

Nicolette Sampson, Former Managing Partner, Hall & Partners

“Tom is a fantastic coach. His approach is empathetic and considered. Our coaching sessions covered both bigger-picture thinking as well as concrete assistance with specific interpersonal challenges I was experiencing in the workplace. I would definitely recommend Tom Loncar to anyone who could benefit from learning fresh ways of problem solving, strategies to resolve workplace issues and assistance with goal setting and career development.”

Director, Australian Public Service Commission

“Tom Loncar assisted me greatly in my transition from Subject Matter Expert (SME) to being a leader of a team: Initially I was not convinced that management activities were as important as frontline SME services, but Tom’s challenging questions and reflective feedback guided me to challenge my underlying beliefs and resulted in a complete paradigm shift – today I am successfully leading a growing team and enjoying the challenge, in no small part thanks to the shift in thinking facilitated by Tom.”

WHS Manager, NSW Government

“I worked with Tom as my executive coach in 2019, distilling and analysing my 360 degree survey with a focus on career development. Tom is patient, listens attentively and worked with me to identify realistic career objectives. Tom’s suggestions and knowledge of different strategies that could be applied in my personal circumstances have assisted me in becoming a better leader and to this day reflect on my development areas and strategies that Tom assisted me with. I would recommend Tom to executive leaders looking to make that next career step, or to build self-awareness on your own styles and how to apply this uniquely to the workplace.”

James Ross, Director A/g, Workforce Optimisation, Fair Work Ombudsman

“Tom and I worked together for the first half of 2016. Tom’s approach is thorough and he was able to marry big picture thinking, such as my core values and how they shape my work life, and specific hindrances, that were frustrating me at that particular time. I found him both very insightful and also highly pragmatic in his outlook. I found our conversations useful in developing my self-awareness and meeting with him regularly meant I was accountable for my progress. I would recommend him for anyone wanting to take control of their career and strengthen their leadership qualities of both people and organisations.”

Director, Ipsos Australia

“Meeting with Tom over several sessions, he helped me to explore and truly understand the underlying causes of my stress at work. At the time when I wanted advice about how to manage junior consultants, our dialogue revealed multiple ways for better engagement and the importance of setting up the right expectations. In addition to Tom’s multiple talents, his unjudgmental and patient listening made me comfortable discussing everything about my career with him.”

Wing Poon, Manager Consumer & Market Insights, Allianz

“Tom coached key members of my team during the second half of 2013.  Both provided positive feedback around the sessions and were impressed with the approaches he used and in the way he facilitated their growth, direction and goal setting through the sessions.  I would recommend Tom as a grounded and resourceful coach, who took the time to develop good rapport with his coachees and understand their needs.”

Melissa Taylor, General Manager Human Resources, Colliers International

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