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2015-19 articles and appearances by Tom in the Australian Financial Review, Boss Magazine and other media (click on date – if you would like a PDF of a recent article, please contact me via the message box)

Building leadership influence requires careful attention to your foundations (on 2 May 2019 and in May ’19 Boss)

If multitasking is ruining your work day, here’s how to regain control (on 4 February 2019 and in February ’19 Boss)

  Networking strategies for introverts (on 5 October 2018 and in October ’18 Boss)

  Cultivating purposefully positive leadership (in Governance Directions, the journal of the Governance Institute of Australia July 2018 issue)

  How quiet achievers can get noticed (on 19 November 2017 and in December ’17 Boss)

  Can ‘nice’ leaders get things done? (on 3 May 2017 and in May ’17 Boss)

 Time for an awkward conversation? (on 22 Nov 2016 and in December ’16 Boss)

 The dark side of ‘managing up’ – Kiss Up, Kick Down (on 27 Jul 2016)

Gravitas_small The cultivation of gravitas (on 21 Apr 2016)

Victim_small How victimhood can limit your leadership potential (on 11 Feb 2016)

Mindfulness_small  Mindfulness and personal leadership (on 3 Dec 2015)

WLblendsmall  Is it time to mend your work-life blend? (on 27 Sep 2015)

passiveaggsmall  The passive-aggressive manager… is it you? (on 3 Aug 2015)

bossholesmall  Working with unlikeable leaders (on 22 Jun 2015)

Impostorsmall  Why it’s good to feel like a fraud at work (on 20 Apr 2015)

extrovertsmall  Extrovert leader? How to manage introverts in your team (on 10 Feb 2015)

AFRTV_small  5 tips for managing upwards (on AFR TV

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