Client testimonials

“During a time when I was managing a rapidly growing Sydney consultancy, Tom’s psychological framework approach to coaching helped me to think through the different challenges, realise the opportunities and put them into practice. It was a valuable experience that facilitated and enhanced the cohesion of the office.”

Nicolette Sampson, Former Managing Partner, Hall & Partners

“Tom and I worked together for the first half of 2016. Tom’s approach is thorough and he was able to marry big picture thinking, such as my core values and how they shape my work life, and specific hindrances, that were frustrating me at that particular time. I found him both very insightful and also highly pragmatic in his outlook. I found our conversations useful in developing my self-awareness and meeting with him regularly meant I was accountable for my progress. I would recommend him for anyone wanting to take control of their career and strengthen their leadership qualities of both people and organisations.”

Jeanine Whalley, Client Service Director, Luma Research

“Meeting with Tom over several sessions, he helped me to explore and truly understand the underlying causes of my stress at work. At the time when I wanted advice about how to manage junior consultants, our dialogue revealed multiple ways for better engagement and the importance of setting up the right expectations. In addition to Tom’s multiple talents, his unjudgmental and patient listening made me comfortable discussing everything about my career with him.”

Wing Poon, Manager Consumer & Market Insights, Allianz

“Tom coached key members of my team during the second half of 2013.  Both provided positive feedback around the sessions and were impressed with the approaches he used and in the way he facilitated their growth, direction and goal setting through the sessions.  I would recommend Tom as a grounded and resourceful coach, who took the time to develop good rapport with his coachees and understand their needs.”

Melissa Taylor, General Manager Human Resources, Colliers International

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